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About Us

Company Profile;

BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in)is a premier domestic & international trading, distribution, import export, grocery services company with a network of offices and subsidiaries spanning more than 35 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. As a member of the reputed business conglomerate the BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in), we pride ourselves in upholding the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our businesses. Supported by a 500+ strong employee base, we are strongly driven by customer centricity, and have, over the years, formed strategic alliances and partnerships with market leaders that have reinforced our role as preferred partners in international trade and business.
Our worldwide revenues of US $ 58 million in FY21 have set us firmly on a path of sustained growth even as we continue to focus on value-added offerings for our customers, backed by strongcompliance of global norms within the sectors in which we operate. We leverage our worldwidepresence along with sourcing and marketing competencies to deliver what we promise to customers across our five key business verticals.
Agri Products Trading:

The vision for the business is to tap into the ever-increasing global trade in agricultural commodities and create efficient linkages for a select presence across the value chain. Our teams  creates efficient linkages across the commodity value chain, offering end-to-end solutions to customers, growing our sourcing base while adhering to quality and food safety standards.

We are exploring further collaborative opportunities of trading invariant rice, maize,wheat,soyabean and soyabean seeds, sugar and sugar products, pulses and grains, and oil and oilseeds, variant species and species products, specially cardamom, onion, garlic, cashews,raisinsetc. Our teams leverage our strong network in ASEAN (Including Middle East),Europe, USA and Africa to grow this customer-oriented business.
Dairy Products Trading:
Our main objective is to carry on the business of procuring, pooling, processing and marketing of milk to create maximum value for its shareholders and at the same time provide the best quality milk and milk products to the customers.
BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in) Full Cream Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Butter etc. Bulk quantity is being supplied domestically & internationally.

Grocery Products Trading:

The main purpose of our grocery department is to sell products to every household in the world and to achieve the lowest possible profit. One of the strategies of our grocery department to deal with competition is to increase the number of more take-outs, to provide better quality products and services to our customer sector. Our grocery department can offer movie rentals, check cashing services and non-food products to increase sales and profits. These strategies focus on customers who are more interested in one-stop shopping.
MetalsScrap Products Trading:
Supported by global sourcing, deep market knowledge and supply chain management of various steel and related products, our metals trading business serves customers across 21 countries. Recent investments in downstream activities in Africa have enabled us to widen our product offering and increase customer retention. Key products offered include steel, pig iron, scrap, and customised engineering products for the aluminium industry.
Leather and Leather ProductsTrading:
We are India’s leading exporter, manufacturer and supply chain integrator of leather and leather products with exports to over 35 countries. Our diversified product basket comprises a large range of footwear, finished leather and garments, all of which reflect contemporary trends in design and colourpalette. We operate India’s performance leather facility, supplying to global customers that include Genuine Accessories. Our quality and customer orientation have helped us build enduring associations with major global footwear brands and apparel brands..
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India (Chennai and Dewas) and development centres in China and Portugal, besides a design studio in Italy put us ahead of our peers in terms of capabilities and the breadth of our offerings. We are the largest exporter of children’s shoes from India and have a major stake in Move-On Shoes, a leading Portuguese footwear retailer.

We recently launched  a range of work, safety and military, and security shoes. We offers high-quality, safe and specialised shoes crafted using FeetScience, our scientific approach to create strong, enduring footwear.
Minerals Trading
With the aim to cater to Asian raw material needs, we are primarily engaged in trade of steam coal, coking coal and iron ore. We also trade base metals, sponge iron and ferroalloys.With presence across various international geographies, our team carries deep expertise in international sourcing across several origins including South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, USA, Russia, Brazil; marketing and distribution across markets including retail deliveries; shipping and logistics; and financing, in order to deliver value to our business partners. We are currently among the top private trading houses in India and Vietnam, and aspire to grow to a position of similar significance in Asia.


BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in) business spread is marked by sophisticated showrooms, workshops with trained personnel and responsive after-sales service. We have added the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover dealership to our stable for selectgeographies.Our current operations have expanded to include long-term representation agreements, marketing and distribution tie-ups for farm machinery. We have an association with the illustrious manufacturer John Deere. We have recently also partnered with variants products manufacturing company in the world’s.The distribution business has consistently exceeded customers’ and principals’ expectations.

Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures:

BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in) largest subsidiary, Our company has served as the flag bearer of the BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in) in the continent since 2021 and is headquartered in IINDIA. It has facilitated several business collaborations and has successfully created a niche for the Global brand, its values and commitment to the larger community. Through subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide, we also have business interests in luxury hotels, bicycles, bus body building and vehicle assembly.

Corporate Sustainability:

BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in), We are deeply committed to being a proactive and responsible member of the community and the environment in which we are present. Stringent goals for the reduction of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases in our leather plant and other facilities, coupled with initiatives for empowering local communities in equal measure, drive our long-term sustainability agenda.

Our Vision

"To be a prominent manufacturer of quality products and services in the Global market."

Our Mission

"Add value to customer's expectations by - supplying quality products & services."

Our Values

  • Customer Delight:
Our goal is to provide efficient service to each and every valued customer. We are strongly committed to give good quality products and operations to our clients within a committed time frame. We also believe that providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.
  • Integrity:
Respect for our customers, employees, the public, and the environment are core parts of our values and beliefs. We feel that plant and worker safety as well as strict environment standards reflect our intent to continue to be a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Quality:
Quality is the base of building and maintaining the best and the strongest relationships with our customers. Our key goal is to provide the best products possible to our customers. We believe that product from best knowledge only can converted to advantage to our valued customers. For us, "Quantity is not the criteria rather Quality is the parameter!"
  • Guideline:
Our business strategy is WIN- WIN for us and with whom we do business transaction, Knowledge is our base, integrity is our path, and customer delight is our focus.
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