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Company Profile

BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in) is a premier domestic & international trading, distribution, import export, grocery services company with a network of offices and subsidiaries spanning more than 35 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. As a member of the reputed business conglomerate the BEXIM INDUSTRIAL PRIVATE LIMITED (www.ajwayproducts.co.in), we pride ourselves in upholding the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our businesses. Supported by a 500+ strong employee base, we are strongly driven by customer centricity, and have, over the years, formed strategic alliances and partnerships with market leaders that have reinforced our role as preferred partners in international trade and business.
Our worldwide revenues of US $ 58 million in FY21 have set us firmly on a path of sustained growth even as we continue to focus on value-added offerings for our customers, backed by strongcompliance of global norms within the sectors in which we operate. We leverage our worldwidepresence along with sourcing and marketing competencies to deliver what we promise to customers across our five key business verticals.